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City Development Board - April 13, 2022


Location: In-person or Via Microsoft Teams Webinar* akaiowa.us/cdb
Date: April 13, 2022 | 1:00 p.m.


Board Members Mari Bunney, West Des Moines; Mackenzie O’Hair, Osceola; Chris McKee, Gilmore City
Board Chair Dennis Plautz, Fort Dodge
Board Vice Chair James Halverson, Cedar Rapids
Staff Matt Rasmussen, Board Administrator Betty Hessing, Administrative Assistant Emily Willits, Department of Justice


  1. Call to Order  1:00pm

    1. Roll Call

    2. Approve Agenda

    3. Consideration of March 9, 2022 Business Meeting Minutes

    4. Old Business

      1. NC22-10 Van Meter

    5. New Business

      1. UA22-12 Waukee

      2. UA22-13 Ames

    6. Staff Reports

      1. Matt Rasmussen

      2. Emily Willits

    7. Future City Development Board Meeting

      1. May 11, 2022  | 1:00 p.m.   

      2. CDB Business Meeting at IEDA, 1963 Bell Avenue, Suite 200, Helmick Conference Room, Des Moines or via Teams Webinar

    8. Adjourn

*The meeting will be accessible to members of the public through attendance at the original site or to participate in meeting via Teams Webinar, go to https://akaiowa.us/cdb. You will be required to register before receiving the link to join the meeting. Some members of the Board may participate via Teams Webinar due to travel issues.

NOTE: Board agendas may be amended any time up to 24 hours before the meetings. Agenda items may be considered out of order at the discretion of the Chair for each meeting. Meetings will not convene earlier than stated above, but may begin later. - If you require accommodations to participate in this public meeting, call 515-348-6197 or TTY at (toll free) 800-735-2942 to make your request. Please notify us as soon as possible in advance of meeting.