Our Agency

IEDA Board - August 21, 2020


Location: Telephonic - 515.348.6300 Conf. ID 126 500 159#
Date: August 21 | 9:15 a.m.


Voting Board Members Chris Murray, Jennifer Cooper, Linda Crookham-Hansen, Lisa Hull, Doane Chilcoat, Megan McKay, Mark Kittrell, Pankaj Monga, Emily Schmitt, Lisa Shimkat and Thomas Townsend
Ex-Officio Members Senator Mark Lofgren, Senator Jackie Smith, Representative Brian K. Lohse, Representative Kenan Judge, Rob Denson and David Barker


  1. Board Chair

    Chris Murray
    1. Welcome

    2. Roll Call & Introductions

    3. Approval of July 17, 2020, Meeting Minutes

    4. Approval of August 21, 2020, Agenda

  2. Public Comment Period

    1. A public comment period for the full meeting will be held at this time to accommodate visitors. This period is limited to 10 minutes.

  3. Compliance - CONSENT AGENDA

    Chris Murray
    1. 120-Day Report

    2. Compliance Report

      1. 3M - Ames

      2. AeroTech - Corning

  4. Financial Assistance Applications

    1. General Mills Operations, LLC - Cedar Rapids

      Chris Murray
      Roll Call
    2. Mid-States Material Handling and Fabrication - Nevada

      Linda Crookham-Hansen
      Roll Call
    3. Sabre Industries, Inc. - Sioux City

      Jennifer Cooper
      Roll Call
  5. Amendments to Rules

    Lisa Connell
    1. Reinvestment Districts, 261 IAC Chapter 200

  6. Entrepreneurial Investment Award Amendment

    Jill Lippincott
    1. Iowa's West Coast Initiative - Sioux City

  7. Brownfield/Grayfield Redevelopment Tax Credit Program

    Matt Rasmussen
    1. Contract 18-BTC-02 - ArtTech

    2. Contract 20-BTC-13 - Heather Moore

  8. Innovation Fund Investment Tax Credit Program

    Melissa Harshbarger
    1. Applications for Issuance of Tax Credit Certificates

  9. Iowans Unite Campaign

    Staci Hupp Ballard
  10. Director's Office

    1. Budget & Finance Report

      Terry Roberson
    2. Legislative Update

      Kristin Hanks-Bents
    3. Director's Report

      Debi Durham
  11. Other Business

    1. Next Board Meeting is September 18, 2020

  12. Adjournment


Please Note: The meeting will convene no earlier than stated above, but may begin later, depending upon length of earlier meetings. Agenda items may be considered out of order at the discretion of the Chair for each meeting. If you require accommodation to participate in this public meeting, call (515) 348-6146 to make your request. Please notify IEDA at least 48 hours in advance.

**The Iowa Economic Development Authority Board may go into closed session pursuant to Iowa Code sections 21.5(1)a, 15.118, 22.7.3, 22.7.6 and 22.7.8 to review and discuss records I E DA is required to treat as confidential under Iowa law. This includes confidential business and financial information about applicants and industrial prospects with which the Authority is currently negotiating.