Career Link

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The Career Link program is an industry-driven training program that invests in projects that assist low and moderate income individuals obtain the training and skills they need to move into available higher-skill, higher wage jobs. Employers assist training providers with designing a training curriculum based on the company’s needs. Training models must be based on documented training needs in the defined service area and must establish partnerships linking potential program participants with business needs and job opportunities.  

At least 51% of those trained must be low to moderate income, as defined by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Career Link program can cover activities such as training costs, childcare for training participants and transportation.
Development of a Career Link project includes:

  • Identification of training needs among area employers
  • Development of training curriculum based on employer needs and input
  • Determination by employers on how many jobs/positions they will have available
  • Identification of training provider(s)
  • Develop project budget

Counties and cities with populations under 50,000, except those designated as HUD entitlement areas, are eligible to apply on behalf of a training provider/ entity within their jurisdiction. Funds will flow through the local government to the entity providing training/services.

  • Applications are accepted and reviewed on a continuous basis
For more information, contact:

Ed Basch