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Van Meter Vision Park, Van Meter

Van Meter Vision Park

Van Meter Vision Park Certified Site, Van Meter, Iowa

Van Meter Vision Park is comprised of a total of 288 developable acres certified for business development. This project is specifically designed for data center usage with redundant, robust power, close proximity to a substation and is zoned for data centers. It also takes advantage a major telecommunication line run directly to the site.

As a certified site, the Van Meter Vision Park has all surveys completed and any risks detailed in the reports mitigated. The surveys include, but are not limited to, Phase 1 Environmental, Renewable Energy Viability, Geothermal Capability, Cultural and Endangered Species Assessment, and Wetlands Delineation. Road, utility and all other infrastructure plans are in place. And, a road infrastructure grant has been awarded to assist in any future transportation requirements.

The adjacent acres are planned for support services and housing. Located 20 miles from Des Moines, this is a perfect and shovel ready site for data centers.


Rachel Wacker

  • Four-lane highway access
  • Air (within 20mi)

Van Meter is a quality, family oriented community situated ten minutes from West Des Moines. Though Van Meter has easy access to all the amenities and entertaining any person could ever need, it sits peacefully outside of the hustle and bustle of the city and prides itself on its small-town identity. Few towns have preserved the beauty of the natural landscape and bring as much genuine character to the table as Van Meter. The variation in landscape provides a lot of recreational opportunities for families ranging from city parks to state recreational areas to river access for canoes and kayaks.

Families are also attracted to Van Meter’s quality, and nationally recognized, school system. Combining the small class size, 14:1 teacher to student ratio, and forward-thinking learning, over 90 percent of the students at Van Meter are measured “proficient” in reading, math and science.

The Van Meter citizenry is engaged in common activities and common causes. There is a genuine sense of community and community pride. Whether assisting with a funeral at the Iowa Veteran’s Cemetery, located in Van Meter, or attending a high school baseball game, Van Meter citizens are the heart of the evolution Van Meter is experiencing. Discover more about this town to learn why so many new residents have chosen to call Van Meter home.

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