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Woodward Eco-Business Park, Woodward

Woodward Eco-Business Park

Woodward Eco Business Park, Woodward, Iowa

The Woodward Eco-Business Park is comprised of a total of 463 acres with approximately 180 acres certified for business development. This pilot project is a first-of-its-kind in the nation, and a key point of this new category is the requirement to develop and adopt covenants that provide strong guidance for future development of the Green Business Park.

As a certified site, the Woodward Eco-Business Park has all surveys completed and any risks detailed in the reports mitigated. The surveys include, but are not limited to, Phase 1 Environmental, Renewable Energy Viability, Geothermal Capability, Cultural and Endangered Species Assessment and Wetlands Delineation. Road, utility and all other infrastructure plans are in place.

The remaining acres support services and housing, all of which will be adhering to sustainable development. Additionally, renewable energy options are being explored to create a one-of-a-kind site with special considerations for storm water, geothermal usage and several other green building practices.


Rachel Wacker

  • Four-lane highway access
  • Air (within 20mi)

The city of Woodward is a friendly, thriving community nestled in the northeast corner of Dallas County. Only 25 Miles North of Des Moines, it is an easy commute on Hwy 141 to the metropolitan area. With its small-town charm, Woodward is a great place to raise a family. Education is a top priority in Woodward, offering the latest technology and a strong curriculum in the Woodward-Grange school district.

The city itself has a nice variety of services to offer with many shops to choose from, as well as wonderful parks with many options for outdoor activities. Woodward is also the Trailhead for the High Trestle Trail, a 25-mile bike trail connecting to the massive Iowa Trail system. The High Trestle Trail includes the Des Moines River Valley Trail Bridge. the ½ mile, 17-story tall Des Moines River Valley Trail bridge with its dramatic vistas, series of overlooks and an art immersion experience – reflective of the area’s coal mining history.

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