Creative Placemaking Fund

Placemaking is about creating attractive and memorable places for people to live and work by developing transformational projects that leverage local community assets to improve the experience for visitors and residents of the area. Community placemaking projects and recreational opportunities are vital components of Iowa's workforce attraction and retention strategy. This fund will assist in the development of regionally significant quality of life projects that leverage local area and community assets. Across the state, individual communities can enhance their unique characteristics to appeal to the current or future workforce.

Placemaking Fund Qualifications

  • Cities or counties will develop a "Cumulative Proposal" consisting of public and private development projects in an emerging, compact area. This series of development must include a substantial regional or statewide economic impact and include at least one "Signature Project". Total investment of Cumulative Proposal will be considered when determining whether the proposal meets the "Minimum Aggregate Cost".
    1. Cumulative Proposal – series of public and private development projects that leverage local community assets to improve quality of life. Private developments may include hotel, retail, and/or housing investments. Public projects may include indoor/outdoor performance venues, cultural venues, outdoor recreational space, marina or park investments.
    2. Signature Project(s) – development of a community asset that is primarily vertical infrastructure and available for public use.
    3. Minimum Aggregate Cost – minimum investment required for Cumulative Proposal determined by population of city based on a tiered chart. Larger cities are required to propose a larger series of developments than smaller population areas to qualify under this fund.
  • The proposal must demonstrate how the series of developments strategically align with existing unique assets in the community to induce further development. In other words, how does this proposal advance the sense of place in this community?
  • The proposal must increase the diversity of cultural, arts, recreational, entertainment, or educational activities available within the state.
  • The proposal must enhance the potential for the successful recruitment and retention of people to live and work in the state.
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate meaningful engagement with the community and stakeholders in the planning process.

  • Eligible applicants are cities and counties (not-for-profit organizations may submit a coordinated application with a city or county)
  • Maximum award per project is up to 40% of signature component(s)
  • Fund requires a match of at least 50% of project cost with private and public funds for signature component

This fund will operate as a pilot and identify two or three recipients. 

Applications will be accepted for review on or before the September 30, 2022 deadline.

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