Ag Trade Mission to Philippines and Vietnam

March 24 - April 1, 2023
The Philippines & Vietnam

The Iowa Economic Development Authority will lead this agriculture trade mission focused on Iowa livestock, grain and meat processing, along with the affiliated Iowa agriculture industries and associations.

Vietnam and the Philippines are burgeoning markets with an appetite for U.S. agricultural goods and services. The two countries have a combined population of nearly 200 million people, providing a large market potential for all Iowa agricultural interests and continued export growth. Vietnam has one of the faster growing middle classes, and the Phillipines has a relatively high income for the region. Agricultural exports across both grain and protein commodities have both countries as emerging opportunities to target, especially given global unrest in the commodity markets.

The IEDA team will develop an itinerary alongside industry partners, which will include meetings coordinated with government entities, commodity importers and agricultural interest groups to engage in trade discussions.

For more information, contact Brad Frisvold at or 515.348.6241.