Iowa Jobs Training (260F)

Growth Programs

In an effort to streamline state agency efforts supporting workforce training, as of July 8, 2022, Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) will be managing the 260E, 260F and 260G programs.

Should you have any questions regarding these programs, please contact Kevin Eppens, IWD 260 Program Manager at or Jared Baldwin, IWD Division Administrator for Workforce Training and Education at

Training Current Employees of Iowa Companies

The Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F) provides job training services to current employees of eligible businesses.

  • Helps companies train current employees with new skills
  • Eligible businesses work with the local community college, which will assess training needs, determine funds available and provide training
  • Valuable employee training for little to no cost

Funding Community College-Sponsored Employee Training Projects

The Community College Consortium (260F) program provides funding assistance for community college-sponsored employee training projects in which two or more businesses participate.

  • Iowa's 15 community colleges work with eligible businesses to assess training needs, determine funds needed and provide training
  • Valuable employee training at little to no cost

  • Must be located in Iowa
  • Must be engaged in interstate or intrastate commerce for the purpose of manufacturing, processing, assembling products, warehousing, wholesaling, or conducting research and development
  • Service-providing businesses must have customers outside of Iowa
  • Within the 36-month period prior to the date of application, a business cannot have closed or reduced its employment base by more than 20% at any of its other business sites in Iowa in order to relocate substantially the same operation to another area of the state
  • Employees eligible:
    • Must be currently employed by the business
    • Must pay Iowa withholding tax

Application is made through a local community college.

For more information contact:

Kevin Eppens


Jared Baldwin