Building Benchmarking

Iowa Energy Office

Iowa B3 Benchmarking Program - Assessing Building Energy Consumption

In early 2014, the Iowa Energy Office partnered with Alliant Energy, MidAmerican Energy, the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities and the Iowa Energy Center to launch the Iowa B3 Benchmarking Program. The program was originally geared toward the public sector, but a pilot project has been launched to include commercial buildings.

This online benchmarking tool allows users to track and weather normalize building data, identify energy events and reduction opportunities, and create improvement plans and reports for decision makers that support energy efficiency improvements. Users are able to easily identify which buildings are consuming more or less energy than expected, compare energy use to prior years, and compare similar buildings. By identifying buildings in most need of energy improvements, organizations can better prioritize energy efficiency projects and track the results over time to ensure investments in the building’s energy efficiency are reaping the anticipated energy savings. After energy improvements have been completed, users are also able to see how the investments are paying off by monitoring actual cost-benefit over time.

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Shelly Peterson