Connie Ferguson - Downtown Difference Maker

June 29, 2021
Connie Ferguson - Downtown Difference Maker

Community leaders that strengthen the identity of downtown in the eyes of residents and visitors are on the right track. There are countless ways to do that, but what can be more obvious than paying attention to maintenance issues and aesthetics? Downtown Ottumwa benefits greatly from one of those leaders…the latest “Downtown Difference Maker,” Connie Ferguson. A lifelong Ottumwan, Connie uses her green thumb and commitment to her hometown to make downtown Ottumwa inviting. This go-getter serves on Main Street Ottumwa’s Board of Directors and is a member of the Main Street Design Committee. Main Street Director Fred Zesiger says, “Connie devotes 35-40 hours a month as a volunteer for Main Street Ottumwa and takes pride in everything she does.”

Connie is the lead volunteer of the hanging basket program for downtown Ottumwa. She utilizes her home for preparation and then organizes the hanging of 40 petunia baskets. She also waters the flowerpots located on the sidewalks downtown nearly every day during the summer months. Connie leads the effort to keep the Market on Main courtyard gardens clean and raises money to assist these efforts. She is currently coordinating another Main Street fundraiser with what else…a plant sale! Proceeds from this event will help the Design Committee keep downtown a vibrant place for all. Connie also plants and maintains the flowerpots and grounds at the Bridge View Center and along the riverfront. Her efforts have created a dramatic impact throughout downtown Ottumwa. Thank you to Downtown Difference Maker…Connie Ferguson.


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