New International Financial Assistance Opportunities

October 1, 2020

Market Trade Assistance Program (MTAP) 
Projects involving a third-party providing any of the below services. Eligible companies may receive one grant in each category per funding period (current period ends September 29, 2021).

A (Cap = $6,000)

  • Website translation, search engine optimization and localization
  • Design, translation and localization of brochure(s)/product information (i.e. foreign market compliant labels, packaging, technical manuals/documents)
  • Design, translation and localization of all forms and channels of social media
  • Design of digital international ad placements 
  • Translation of marketing media, including audio/video
  • Required Compliance Testing of existing product for entry into an export market

B (Cap = $6,000)

  • International attorney fees for trademark registration, foreign sales/distributor contracts 
  • Consultant services to identify and meet regulatory and certification standards of existing product for entry into an export market (i.e. CE, CCC, CUL, etc.)
  • Consultant services provided by IEDA-selected contractors in Australia, South Korea and select African markets – services equivalent to those offered by IEDA in-country representatives

C (Cap = $10,000)

  • Design and develop websites with an international focus
  • Oversight and maintenance/monitoring fee for search engine optimization
  • Online market listing fees
  • E-commerce platform, including hosting and/or maintenance fees (limited to once per calendar year)
  • Expenses to set up websites to accept international payments

Export Trade Assistance Program (ETAP) and Domestic Trade Assistance Program (DTAP)
Cap = $4,000

  • Exhibit in international trade shows - now includes virtual trade show booths
  • The two times maximum for the same show is waived (temporarily) when moved to virtual event

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