The Greater Des Moines Partnership Announces Supplier Diversity Training Program

July 19, 2021
The Greater Des Moines Partnership Announces Supplier Diversity Training Program

The Greater Des Moines Partnership announced a new Supplier Diversity Training Program for small business owners and corporate purchasing agents. 

The Supplier Diversity Training started with an introductory session on June 22 about the history and intention of the State of Iowa’s Targeted Small Business Program, as well as best practices for starting a Supplier Diversity program. The first session can be viewed on the Partnership’s website, along with a recap of the session highlights:
Subsequent training will be a two-track virtual and hybrid program, built with the aim of strengthening supplier diversity efforts for corporations and small businesses. Sessions will focus on corporate demand, small business supplier standards and a chance to meet and greet with corporate decision-makers.

Track one of the training is for corporate purchasing agents and will include a set of corporate workshops. It will lead attendees through procurement plan updates focusing on supplier diversity efforts from understanding the industry’s best practices to setting up a supplier diversity strategic plan. The second track is for small businesses and will provide a guide on professional development opportunities related to corporate and government contracting, spanning topics from the Targeted Small Business Program to the process of corporate buying behavior and more.

Participants who complete one of the first two tracks will receive a chance to participate in a special Meet the Buyers forum event. The programming of the event will aim to serve the supplier diversity goals outlined by the corporate workshop cohort and the needs outlined by the diverse business owner committee.

Trainings are scheduled for July 21, July 28 and August 4, with more planned. Register at

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