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It's Been a Year...

April 6, 2021
It's Been a Year...

This time last year Iowa Economic Development Authority’s (IEDA) Targeted Small Business (TSB) staff were busy processing grant applications for the Targeted Small Business Grant Program and trying to share as many resources as possible to small business owners who dealt with the overwhelming aspects of trying to keep their doors open and businesses afloat amidst the impacts of COVID-19.

And, staff wants you to know that you were heard! Listening to many stories of struggle, team members often hung up the phone at the end of the day shedding tears -- hearing beautiful stories of resiliency and growth, celebrating and sharing your successes as business owners. 

The time has come when staff are again able to take a breath and begin to look ahead at how to continue to grow the TSB program to serve its constituents better, and overall, better serve the state of Iowa. To do that, IEDA’s TSB staff teamed up with several partners recently, to offer a variety of webinars, presentations, education opportunities and program improvements, including:

And the TSB staff continue to listen. As in-person visits start to resume to businesses, staff would love to hear your ideas on how to help you as businesses owners and are developing more programs for minority round-table discussions, mentorship opportunities and more. Never hesitate to reach out to let staff know how the team is doing at

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