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Certified Sites

Bondurant Industrial Park Plat 2, Bondurant

Bondurant Industrial Park Plat 2

The Bondurant Industrial Park Plat 2 Certified Site is a greenfield site comprised of 78.41 acres in Bondurant’s city limits along Highway 65 and adjacent to the existing Bondurant Industrial Park. This industrial park site is ideal for businesses needing quick access to major surface transportation corridors. I-80 is only three minutes south of the site. This site has convenient access to the Des Moines International Airport (28-minute drive time) and the Ankeny Regional Airport (13-minute drive time).    

This certified site is located within the City’s Medium Industrial (M-2) District. The following use is considered a by-right permitted use of the M-2 District per Section 178.14.1.J of the Zoning Code: manufacture or assembly of electrical appliances, instruments, and devices, or like business.  Outdoor storage is allowed in the M-2 District so long as screening requirements of Section 179 of the Zoning Code are satisfied.


Tiffany Luing, Economic Development Coordinator

  • Four-lane highway access
  • Air (within 20mi)

Bondurant, a designated Iowa Great Place, is known for its educational, cultural and recreational opportunities. The City of Bondurant is a full-service municipal government providing the spectrum of services, including water, wastewater, public works, fire and EMS, law enforcement, planning, recreation, code enforcement, and administration. The City of Bondurant is known for its ability to streamline development and deliver key infrastructure improvements on aggressive timelines. Continued areas of development include: 

  • Housing – The community is experiencing rapid residential growth.
  • Commercial/Retail – Bondurant’s downtown district has seen an impressive amount of reinvestment in recent years, with recent projects strengthening the character of the downtown to make it a destination for shopping and dining.
  • Jobs/Industry – The Bondurant Economic Development Launch Program was created in 2017, aimed at cultivating commercial and industrial development. As a result, over 3,500 jobs have been created in Bondurant.
  • Quality of Life – A broad range of year-round civic and cultural events contributing to Bondurant’s strong hometown feel are offered to residents and visitors. The community’s beautiful parks, trails and recreation facilities provide a remarkable quality of life for residents. 

City of Bondurant