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The EdTech Opportunity

ISU Virtual Reality Applications Center
ISU Virtual Reality Applications Center

Prepared By: TEConomy Partners, LLC

TEConomy Partners, LLC’s first-ever evaluation of Iowa’s EdTech sector, released in October 2019, concludes that the sector presents a strategic industry cluster for Iowa to pursue for future growth — along the same lines and in support of the biosciences and advanced manufacturing sectors. This roadmap outlines platforms and strategies holding the most promise for Iowa economic development and most likely to benefit from state programs, industry/university partnerships and other sector development activities.

Iowa Bioscience Development

Iowa Bioscience Report
Iowa Bioscience TEConomy Report

Prepared By: TEConomy Partners, LLC

Iowa benefits greatly from the bioscience sector. By any economic measure—the number of companies, economic output and exports, employment and average wage—Iowa’s biosciences industries are important to the state’s continued economic growth and development. Biosciences provide high-wage family sustaining jobs, and Iowa has been generally outperforming the nation in terms of bioscience employment growth.

Iowa Year of Advanced Manufacturing Initiative

Advanced Manufacturing Report Recommendations
Iowa Year of Advanced Manufacturing Initiative

Iowa Innovation Council Recommendations to Support Innovation, Growth and Competitiveness

To demonstrate a commitment to Iowa’s manufacturing industry, former Governor Terry Branstad announced the 2017 Year of Manufacturing Initiative during the Condition of the State address. The initiative focuses on promoting innovation and R & D, improving global competitiveness and building a skilled workforce. The goal is to increase Iowa’s manufacturing GDP from $29 billion to $32 billion by 2022.

The Iowa Innovation Council (IIC) was tasked with developing strategies to assist Iowa manufacturers to stay on the cutting edge of their industry, positioning them to be globally competitive, and developing a skilled workforce to help us meet the goal.

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