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Fort Madison Industrial Site, Fort Madison

Fort Madison Industrial Site

Big Cedar Industrial Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This Certified Site sits between Henry Layden Drive and 270th Street and less than a 1/4 mile west of 4-lane US Hwy 61 with access to site via paved road. Burlington Northern-Santa Fe RR runs along its eastern border. Municipal airport in Fort Madison (11 miles) or in Keokuk (9 miles) for air cargo deliveries/shipments Barge terminal in Fort Madison (9 miles) and Keokuk (15 miles) with loading and off-loading capabilities. Neighboring properties include Pinnacle Foods (Armour) Group and Gregory Manufacturing. Property is eligible for New Market Tax Credits and annexation for Urban Renewal Area, High Quality Job tax credits and Targeted Jobs Withholding Program. Experienced industrial contractors and developers on call to offer build to suit or turn key options to meet a company's criteria. Lee County provides a competitive environment that offers low cost solutions for real estate, infrastructure, workforce and transportation.


Tim Gobble

  • Four-lane highway access

Fort Madison is located in the southeast corner of Iowa Along the Mississippi river. U.S. Hwy 61 runs east west through town with IA Hwy 2 connecting at the base of the Sante Fe Bridge before crossing into Illinois running west through town.

Fort Madison is home for many Fortune 500 companies, including SIEMENS WP, DuPont, Climax Molybdenum, Scott Miracle Gro and Conagra Foods, as well as smaller companies making up the city’s industrial base. These companies chose Fort Madison for many reasons, including the transportation opportunities, such as: Highway-4 lane roads--US Hwy 61 runs through the city and is within 15 minutes of The Avenue of the Saints U.S. Hwy 218/27; river transportation- with local loading and unloading port facilities; Rail- with Burlington Northern Santa Fe mainlines running through town into its rail yard for switching and unloading for shipments going north/south/east/west, including Amtrak stopping daily to and from Chicago; Air- Fort Madison has a community airport for private corporate jets and a commercial airport within 20 minutes with multiple daily flights to and from Chicago, Minneapolis/St Paul and St Louis.

Fort Madison Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation