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Helgerson Flats Industrial Center, Ottumwa

Helgerson Flats Industrial Center

Helgerson Flats Industrial Center, Ottumwa, Iowa

This development-ready property located in Ottumwa, only 2 miles off U.S. Highway 63 and Iowa Highway 149, is adjacent to an existing industrial park.

The land is zoned I1 light Industrial and competitively priced at $12,700 per acre.

Target industries include food and beverage processing, warehouse and distribution, automotive supply chain, and machinery manufacturing that complement existing industries such as JBS USA, John Deere, bio-processing powerhouses Cargill and Ajinomoto, plus Keurig/Dr. Pepper, Plastipak and C&C Manufacturing.


Mark Roe

  • Four-lane highway access
  • Rail

Ottumwa is a unique city with an intriguing name; It is said to be derived from the Algonquian word meaning “rippling waters.” Built on the banks of the Des Moines River in southeast Iowa, it is one of the original rail boomtowns that weathered the storm and survived. Today’s Ottumwa roots are more closely aligned with its agricultural roots - livestock and machinery- with healthcare and manufacturing also contributing to the fabric of the community. Ottumwa’s history is filled with individuals, many of them immigrants, who came to Ottumwa seeking fortune in what is now “the west.” Immigrants remain a significant portion of the labor force with nearly 50 countries represented at JBS, Ottumwa’s largest employer.

From single artisan workshops to full scale mass production, Ottumwa boasts a diverse business climate. Today, small businesses, large retailers, major factories and financial services co-exist to support a $450+ million economy. 

There are dedicated park areas for camping, mountain biking, skateboarding, disc golf, trout fishing and off-leash dog activity. The Beach Ottumwa is a four-season aquatic center with both indoor and outdoor water amenities. The growing bike and pedestrian trail system is now over 20 miles of paved trail running along the historic Des Moines River. Find a nice variety of specialty stores, family owned shops, major retailers, and national and international award-winning cuisine.

A key cultural icon in the county is the little white house known ‘round the world from the often parodied American Gothic house, which is only 15 minutes away. For more arts and cultural activities, choose from rodeo, a hot air balloon festival, air show and a variety of performances at the Bridgeview Center.

Even with all of this available in this micropolitan community, Ottumwa is working to raise the bar. A revitalized downtown featuring restaurants, alley art, loft apartments, green roofs and fabulous streetscapes offer vibrancy to the heart of the city. The aptly named Riverfront Renaissance is taking shape in many forms, which will attract both residents and visitors alike.

Ottumwa Economic Development Corporation