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Iowa Advantage

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Ready to grow with us? There's no better time. We make it easier for companies to plan for the future. Iowa has been recognized as a top state for opportunity, the most fiscally responsible state, and a top ten state to live and raise a family. We’ve transformed our corporate tax rate into one of the most competitive in the nation – a complement to our already low cost of doing business, renewable energy leadership, skilled workforce, well-integrated transportation system and more. At the same time, we have made historic investments in critical long-term priorities like broadband, childcare and housing.

Complemented by forward-thinking communities and innovative programs that drive results, Iowa is poised for long-term growth. Read on to discover the Iowa Advantage for yourself and compare us. You’ll see what sets Iowa apart as the ideal place to expand, relocate or launch your business.

Strong and Resilient Economy

Iowa is home to a diverse economy, driven by key industries of advanced manufacturing, biosciences and finance and insurance. We understand our strengths, and have focused strategies in place to spur innovation, industry growth and job creation.


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BEA, 2023

concentration of employees in vaccine and immunotherapy biological manufacturing in the U.S.

BLS, 2022

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BEA, 2023

Iowa Labor Force

Laborshed Studies

A flexible tool for understanding the workforce characteristics of the local labor market.

Foreign Direct Investment in Iowa

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Discover the culture, communities, opportunities and people that make Iowa
one of the best places to live and work.

  • Thriving Business Environment
    “There's no better place to be in business than Iowa.”
    – Steve Shriver, CEO & co-founder of Eco Lips
  • Supportive Entreprenurial Ecosystem
    “Innovation thrives in Iowa because of our ideas and ingenuity. We know what we’re doing, and we have the resources and the knowledge to do it. Innovation can happen anywhere, but not everywhere has the resources that we do.”
    – Steve Brody, president & CEO of BioConnect Iowa
  • Unmatched Talent
    “The talent pool in Iowa continues to be a strong advantage to our business. Iowa’s transportation infrastructure and geographic location also allow us to quickly fulfill orders for our customers.”
    – Nicolle Picray, senior manager of public relations at Pella
  • Build a Life You Love
    “I love to travel, but at the end of the day, Iowa’s low key, spacious and beautiful environment is what I prefer.”
    – Doug Roethler, director of operations at Life Line Emergency Vehicles

Put the Iowa Advantage to work for your business.

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