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BOARD ACTION: Iowa Energy Center Board Awards $2.8 Million in Energy Grants

August 5, 2021

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Iowa Energy Center Board Awards $2.8 Million in Energy Grants

August 5, 2021 (Des Moines) – The Iowa Energy Center (IEC) announced $2.8 million in grants to 12 projects at today’s board meeting in Des Moines. The IEC Grant Program is funded by Iowa ratepayers, customers who pay for an electric or natural gas utility service through a local electric and/or gas utility. These funds enable eligible applicants to pursue projects that align with one of the seven key focus areas of the Iowa Energy Plan.

“Out of an exceptional group of applicants, the Iowa Energy Center Board is proud to lend grant support to this round of projects, each of which addresses an energy need or opportunity in an innovative way,” said Board Chair Troy DeJoode of the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities. “This year’s grant recipients span the public and private sector and represent a diverse mix of energy resources, creating an individual and collective positive impact on Iowa’s energy economy.”

The grants will fund 12 projects. including:

  • Constructing a mobile power system to operate mobile wastewater treatment trailers in rural locations
  • Refurbishing and repurposing used batteries for second-life value and grid storage applications
  • Developing a pilot-scale business model for monetizing carbon capture on solar energy farms

A total of 37 projects completed the full application with requests totaling over $10 million. Applications were reviewed and scored by a committee comprised of IEC board members. Scoring rubric was based on alignment with the Iowa Energy Plan, the ratepayer benefit provided, project goals, programmatic capabilities of the applicant and collaboration efforts with other eligible applicants, among other criteria.

The IEC is managed by the Iowa Economic Development Authority and overseen by a governor-appointed board composed of representatives from academia, state government and the utilities. For more information on the IEC and to view a list of current IEC board members, visit


A full list of the IEC Grant Program recipients is available below:

Iowa Energy Center Grant Program Recipients
August 5, 2021

Grant Title Applicant Organization Request
GIS tool to plan mitigation and recovery of gridlines under natural hazards to improve resiliency Iowa State University $235,551
Driving Electric in Rural NE Iowa: An Analysis, Planning, Workforce, and Major Employer Partnership Winneshiek Energy District $171,235
Developing a Pilot-Scale Business Model for Monetizing Carbon Capture on Solar Energy Farms. Impact 7G $297,000
Advanced 3D optical sensing and peening technologies for crack mitigation in natural gas pipelines Iowa State University $255,472
Mobile Power for Rural Wastewater Treatment and Community Resilience Baldridge Environmental Services $122,500
From the Landfill to the Grid: Repurposing Used Batteries for Resilient Grid Storage Iowa State University $294,859
Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Robotic Mapping of Underground Infrastructure Iowa State University $300,000
Control and Coordination of Solar + Storage for Enhanced Resiliency Iowa State University $283,500
Electrical Energy from Ethanol University of Iowa $417,137
Modeling Solar Radiation Potential and Urban Heat Utilizing Mobile Sensors and Topographic Data University of Northern Iowa $170,370
Building Enclosure Council of Iowa Programs Building Enclosure Council of Iowa $27,800
Micro-DERMS: DERMS for Real-time Monitoring & Control of Mobile-Microgrids and DER Distribution Grid Iowa State University $300,000
TOTAL $2,875,424

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