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Iowa's answer to the Great Resignation

March 21, 2022
Iowa's answer to the Great Resignation

This story originally appeared on HRDive.

The so-called Great Resignation has empowered workers and tested the businesses and communities competing for them unlike any other time in recent history. Attracting talent in this extraordinary employee's market means looking beyond the low-hanging fruit of higher wages and flexible schedules.

This challenge is not unique to any one state, but Iowa is uniquely positioned to meet it. Iowa has enjoyed the fastest economic recovery through the pandemic, a testament to the uncommon resilience of Iowans and the state's forward-looking leadership. Early on in the pandemic, in the spirit of turning obstacles into opportunity, stakeholders from the private and public sectors delivered a roadmap to help Iowa's economy not only rebound, but grow. From that work, Iowa has seen significant investments in the state's already unmatched quality of life. 

Expanding Quality Child Care

  • Iowa is creating thousands of new childcare spots with state and federal funding and through a new Child Care Challenge. Providers apply for grants that fit the needs of their communities, such as remodeling homes that help stay-at-home mothers start their own childcare businesses. 
  • The state is encouraging employer investments in childcare through a public-private partnership that supports businesses interested in providing a childcare benefit for employees. Iowa also is the first to recognize businesses statewide with family-friendly policies, such as childcare assistance.

Investing in Infrastructure

  • Iowa is expanding high-speed, reliable broadband, especially into the state's rural areas, through a new grant program. The state also will soon begin promoting communities that invest in broadband.
  • The state has made historic state and federal investments to bolster the supply of quality housing, helping our communities thrive and families move where opportunities await them.   
  • The state has made unprecedented investments to protect, preserve and restore Iowa's water resources, which can be a catalyst for community and economic growth. 

Strengthening Quality of Life

  • Iowa is building communities that give visitors a reason to explore and residents a reason to stay, from thousands of miles of paved trails to beautiful public art displays, historical landmarks and unique downtowns and Main Streets. 
  • To promote the prosperity of all Iowans, the state has significantly cut taxes, moving from the sixth-highest personal income tax rate in the nation to fourth lowest. Governor Kim Reynolds signed legislation that sets one tax rate of 3.9% and eliminates the state income tax on retirement income. 

Iowa has a great story to tell, and the state is stepping up efforts to let others in on the secret. For the first time, the state has debuted a nationally televised commercial that introduces the state to a national audience. The state also has more tools for people considering a move to Iowa. These include a new cost-of-living calculator and a print and digital guide that showcases Iowa's incredible quality of life through compelling visuals and stories.

Ranking #1 in the nation for opportunity, Iowa has a strong value proposition and an enviable position for recruiting talent. For a closer look at Iowa, visit