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Iowa Downtown Resource Center Newsletter Article Street Grid

July 19, 2023

StreetGrid™ is a first of its kind living file library for downtown and community development organizations to streamline organizational efficiency, springboard planning efforts and empower advocacy for this grassroots economic development engine. 
It is an online resource tool housed on IEDA’s Iowa Downtown Resource Center webpage containing a collection of examples, samples and templates to support a local grassroots downtown revitalization effort. Originally designed for Main Street programs, the content is adaptable for any community betterment group or organization focused on downtown revitalization. 
There are four components of the tool:

Main Street in a Box - This organized file folder structure is meant to help lead communities down the path of creating a Main Street organization, and for mature programs to make sure they have all the tools they should to be the best they can be. From standardized Mission & Vision statements to a robust sample policy library, the Main Street in a Box has the tools you need to get going. Examples, samples and templates are relevant to any community betterment group or organization focused on downtown revitalization.

Planning Templates - The planning templates dispose of the misconception that a main street or community betterment program has to go through a painful process simply to create a strategic plan. We have found that most downtown revitalization strategic plans are tackling the same issues with the same tactics. Because of that we have created a series of pre-programmed strategies that will help your organization select one or two focuses that you’re going to try to transform first. 

Impact Templates - This selection of six pre-designed templates focus on helping a main street organization advocate for themselves. With a series of PowerPoint, design and canvas templates, this tool kit allows organizations to tell their stories, share who they are, and their plan to transform their downtown district.

MSI Program Guides and Resources – This section focuses on tools and resources from Main Street America and Main Street Iowa that are specific to Main Street programs or communities interested in becoming a Main Street program in Iowa. After reviewing the information, interested communities should contact for more information. 
For more information and to access these online resources, visit Downtown Resource Center Resources & Networking (

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