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We’re all about that balance

March 1, 2019
We’re all about that balance

In Iowa, we’re big on work/life balance. After the workday’s over, we hop in our cars and enjoy one of the shortest commutes in the country -- at only 19.4 minutes.

Know what that means? We get more “me” time, whether we’re hitting up the links, riding the trails or enjoying dinner at one of our James Beard-nominated restaurants. In fact, Iowa was named the eighth-best state for work/life balance by - in part due to low commute times and high quality of life.

Just ask Sherri Hotzler, president and CEO of Vantec, Inc., a world leader in custom plastic injection molding services. Said Hotzler, “Operating a company in Iowa allows you to reach your goals and grow your business without sacrificing a personal life.”

In her personal life, Hotzler is a marathon runner. “I try to maximize my time when I travel for business,” said Hotzler, “and running marathons has afforded me great personal satisfaction, a healthy outlet for stress and provided countless business connections.”

And since Iowa’s short commute gives her an extra hour of free time each day, she has more opportunity to enjoy the activities she loves, like running. If running isn’t for you, that’s okay. Iowa offers all kinds of hobbies for you to enjoy. Like hiking or biking our 2,000 miles of trails. Or practicing your golf swing.

After all, Iowa has more nine-hole golf courses per capita than any other state. We also have nationally ranked arts festivals and farmers’ markets. And, you can take in a touring Broadway show at a fraction of the price you’d pay in bigger cities. There’s no doubt Iowans really do benefit from our amazing work/life balance, which in turn benefits Iowa businesses.

It’s like Sherri Hotzler says, “Iowa’s balanced lifestyle results in quality worker performance and gives us a competitive edge.”