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Why Iowa is the New Insurance Capital of the Nation

April 20, 2023
Why Iowa is the New Insurance Capital of the Nation

Pro-Business Environment Drives Statewide Expansion

Iowa is well-known for its abundant cornfields, strong work ethic and spirited caucuses that launch the presidential primary process every four years. But in the last 15 years, the state also experienced a boom in its business sector — boasting GDP growth of 57% in the insurance and financial services sectors alone. By attracting some of the largest companies in those industries, Iowa has become the nation's insurance capital, ranking first among the 50 states in insurance industry output as a percent of GDP.

Iowa offers a pro-business environment where innovation and growth aren’t only encouraged, they’re incentivized.

One clear incentive is the state’s insurance premium tax rate—at just 1%, it’s one of the lowest in the country. Additionally, state leaders have enacted policies and programming that help finance and insurance companies hire, train and employ more skilled workers. For example, Iowa public colleges and universities offer 24 bachelor’s degree programs in accounting and 21 bachelor’s degree programs in finance, as well as three of the top 25 actuarial science degree programs in the country, which create a rich pipeline for the state’s insurance firms and financial institutions. To help introduce college students to the rewarding careers, Iowa also created the Insure Your Future program, the first-of-its-kind early-stage internship initiative for the insurance industry.

Iowa’s diverse economy provides the ideal climate for business growth and innovation. The state's nationally recognized research centers and low cost of doing business give companies operating in the state a huge competitive edge.

Nurturing Innovation

Thanks to the state’s forward-thinking vision for the insurance industry, it’s no surprise that Iowa is the birthplace of numerous advancements in insurtech. Several of these advancements trace their origins back to Iowa’s Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA), the world’s first business accelerator specifically geared toward insurance technology.

Founded in 2015, GIA is a mentor-driven program designed to foster innovation by connecting well-established insurance companies with startups that are driving the future of the global insurance industry. The accelerator has attracted promising companies from across the U.S. and from 11 other countries. During the 100-day immersive experience, early-stage startups can glean insights about the industry from executives to whom they may not have otherwise had access. In turn, executives are able to see firsthand emerging technologies that could advance the field.