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Animal Health

The Epicenter of Animal Health

Ames, Iowa is the hub of animal vaccine development. The city is a center of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) animal health research, home to the top-flight Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and the USDA’s National Animal Disease Center, National Veterinary Services Laboratory and the Center for Veterinary Biologics. To benefit from the facilities, research and private animal health companies from across the globe now have labs in Ames. Together, these public and private organizations have made Ames, as one CEO put it, “the country's epicenter for animal health research.”


highest concentration of animal scientists of any state in the U.S.

BLS, 2021

highest concentration of agricultural chemical employment

BLS, 2020

highest concentration of agricultural engineers of any state

BLS, 2020

Animal Health Institutions in Iowa

The State of Iowa Supports R&D

Iowa offers a Research Activities Tax Credit for research & development investments.

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