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Leadership Exchange

Leadership Exchange

  • If we want our communities to survive and thrive, it will take strong local leadership. Many communities across the state have created effective leadership programs, as have various Iowa industries. Leveraging these efforts as examples and partners, this initiative works to bring together those lessons learned and best practices for an annual event as well as virtual webinars and online resources for existing programs.
  • Join us in Perry on October 29-30, 2024 for the 5th Annual Leadership Exchange event! The Annual Iowa Leadership Exchange is an educational event held to bolster existing rural leadership programs, support a statewide network of program leaders, and empower communities to grow local leaders. Hosted by the Iowa Rural Development Council in partnership with the Center for Rural Revitalization at Iowa Economic Development Authority and Leadership Iowa, the event is designed for existing leadership program directors and managers from across the state to share best practices for strengthening existing programs. Additionally, communities or organizations interested in starting their own programs or fostering leadership development are welcome to attend and learn from statewide experts.
Agenda and registration coming soon.

2023 Webinars

  • Scalable Leadership Programs
    A panel discussion on how local leadership programs started small to develop a sustainable growth model for their leadership programs, proving that no community is too small to launch their own!
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  • Unconventional Leadership Development
    Hear success stories from communities across the state on how they are encouraging new leadres to step up.
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Webinar Archive

  • Why We Participated in the Rural Leadership Bootcamp
    A presentation from last year's recipients and where they are today in their leadership program journey, plus tips for submitting your own application.
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  • Why You Should Attend the Leadership Exchange
    Hear from three leadership program directors on lessons learned and best practices.
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