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Southbridge - 27 Flags, Sioux City

Southbridge - 27 Flags

Southbridge 27 Flags Certified Site, Sioux City, Iowa

27 Flags in the Southbridge Industrial Park is designed to be home to heavy industry. The site features new transportation and utility infrastructure representing a community investment of more than $50 million. An extensive planning effort resulted in the construction of new roads and utilities built to industrial scale, a new water treatment plant on-site, and an expandable electric substation built on-site.

The city’s three-track drop and pull railway yard, serviced by Union Pacific coupled with two Interstate 29 interchanges, make 27 Flags a multi-modal hub of activity for raw materials and finished goods. The Sioux City community has a long history of supporting heavy industry and looks forward to continuing that tradition with the development of 27 Flags in the Southbridge Industrial Park.   


Martin Dougherty

  • Four-lane highway access
  • Rail
  • Air (within 20mi)
  • Barge (within 5mi)

Sioux City has long been home to many heavy manufacturing operations. With a strong foundation and a solid work ethic within its MSA of nearly 170,000 people, Sioux City has countless companies with the experience and expertise to support new companies, including raw material suppliers, contractors, vendors and customers. New developments enjoy the economies of scale associated with the many organizations providing world-class support services to the numerous industrial manufacturers presently located in the Sioux City area.

The already exceptional quality of life in Sioux City continues to advance with new retail, restaurants and other quality of life attractions like the Tyson Events Center, Orpheum Theatre, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, minor league sports, a public museum and an art center. With two nationally recognized medical centers, two four-year colleges/universities, a leading technical college, and an exceptional school system for children, Sioux City has all the amenities a top employer is seeking in a development location.

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