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International Financial Assistance

Iowa's Global Presence


The Iowa Economic Development Authority’s (IEDA) International Trade Office (ITO) has programs to support export efforts of eligible small businesses in Iowa. Programs are funded in part through a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) Grant program. Programs are limited to specific expenses focused on increasing export sales and the number of exporting companies. These programs are not for domestic marketing purposes.

Market Trade Assistance Program (MTAP)

Projects involving a third-party providing any of the below services specific to international markets. Eligible companies may receive one grant in each category per funding period (ends June 30, 2024). Applications must be received at least two weeks prior to the start of the project and completed by the project end date or the end of funding period, whichever comes first.

  • Category A (Maximum $8,000)
    • Design, translation and localization of brochure(s)/product information (i.e. foreign market compliant labels, manuals/documents) *printing not eligible
    • Design, translation and localization of international advertisement for a specific country/region (digital/print)
    • Required compliance testing of existing product for entry into an export market
    • Website design/translation, search engine optimization and localization for a specific international market(s)
    • Oversight and maintenance/monitoring fee for search engine optimization (limited time within funding period)
    • E-commerce platform to accept international payments on company website
  • Category B (Maximum $8,000)
    • International attorney fees for trademark registration, foreign sales/distributor contracts
    • Consultant services to identify and meet regulatory and certification standards of existing product for entry into an export market (i.e. CE, CCC, CUL, etc.)

Export Trade Assistance Program (ETAP)

Exhibiting in-person at a trade show or participating in an IEDA trade mission outside the U.S.

Domestic Trade Assistance Program (DTAP)

Exhibiting in-person at an international trade show in the U.S.

  • ETAP/DTAP Eligible Expenses: (reimbursed at 75% other than per diem at 50%)
    • Booth space
    • Booth furnishings rental
    • Booth construction and utilities
    • Per diem for one representative
    • Ineligible expenses examples: printing, purchased equipment, airfare, memberships/sponsorships
  • Maximum $4,000 per grant (event)
    • Companies may receive up to three grants in a funding period (combined ETAP and DTAP) - maximum of two DTAP
    • Maximum of two times for the same show
    • DTAP eligible events: Must have documented proven significant international attendance


Participate in the ExporTech™ program through the Center for Industrial Research and Service.

  • Maximum $2,500 (participation fee for ExporTech™)

All grant reimbursements for MTAP, ETAP, DTAP and ExporTech™ are calculated at 75% of actual eligible expense, up to maximum allowed amount (exception: per diem is 50% for travel). Only one grant allowed per company.

Details for all programs are included in the International Financial Assistance Fact Sheet.

Iowa value-added food/wood companies may qualify for services offered through our membership with Food Export of the Midwest.

U.S. Small Business Administration

Funded in part through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

  • For-profit companies operating in Iowa to process, manufacture, add value to product and/or distribute a product or provide an exportable service
  • Meet SBA “Eligible Small Business Concern” size guidelines
  • Provide certification demonstrating company is not debarred from federal funding
  • Be new to exporting, focusing on a new international market or have a new product to promote to the international market
  • Review full list of eligibility and qualified expenses on the Financial Assistance Fact Sheet
  • Applications must be received by the IEDA at least 45 days in advance of an event
  • Program availability subject to annual funding allocation
  • Review and follow detailed application instructions and required documentation found in the International Grant Application System Instructions [pdf]  
For more information, contact:

Lisa Longman