Community Catalyst Regional Application Workshop - Clarinda

September 13, 2022
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Clarinda Public Library — 100 East Garfield Street
Community Catalyst Regional Application Workshop - Clarinda

The Iowa Economic Development Authority provides grants through the Community Catalyst Building Remediation Program to communities for the redevelopment, rehabilitation or deconstruction of buildings to stimulate economic growth or reinvestment in the community. Strong applications will show the potential of catalytic economic growth in the community; improve appearances and safety; make use of underutilized property, exhibit appropriate design standards; and be well-funded. Economic growth may include the creation of additional jobs, growth of new or existing businesses, development of new housing units, increase property values or potential population growth. A mandatory pre-application process will precede the official grant application. A city, the eligible applicant, must apply and provide financial and/or in-kind resources. A portion of funds will be awarded to cities with populations under 1,500. Funds will be available for the rehabilitation of one commercial building per community or two adjacent buildings with the same ownership, as well as a limited number of planning grants.

The Community Catalyst application workshop will include program details, deadlines for pre-applications and the actual formal application process.

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