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IEDA Board - June 16, 2023


Location: 1963 Bell Avenue, Suite 200 – Helmick Conference Room Public Webinar Access:* Board packet available here.
Date: June 16, 2023 | 9:15 a.m.


Voting Board Members Mark Kittrell – Chair, Emily Schmitt – Vice Chair, Melissa Ballard, Bobbi Bentz, Doug Boone, Sam Eathington, Mark Kittrell, Pankaj Monga, Lisa Shimkat, Jennifer Steffensmeier and Thomas Townsend
Ex-Officio Non-Voting Board Members David Barker, Rob Denson, Senator Izaah Knox, Senator Carrie Koelker, Representative Heather Matson and Representative Ray Sorensen


  1. Committee Chair

    Mark Kittrell
    1. Welcome

    2. Roll Call and Introductions

    3. Approval of May 12, 2023 Meeting Minutes

    4. Approval of June 16, 2023 Meeting Agenda

  2. Public Comment Period

    1. A public comment period for the full meeting will be held at this time to accommodate visitors. This period is limited to 10 minutes.

  3. Compliance


      Mark Kittrell
      1. 120 Day Report

      2. Compliance Report

        1. Traffix Devices, Inc. and Kulp Fairfield, Iowa Partners, LLC – Fairfield

        2. HSGBS, Inc. d/b/a Marion Process Solutions – Marion

    2. Butchery Innovation and Revitalization Program Request for Contract Termination

      Maicie Pohlman
  4. Financial Assistance Applications

    1. Back Alley Printers, Inc. dba Image Pointe, Dignity Apparel, LLC, and JP Management Corporation – Waterloo

      Lisa Shimkat
      Roll Call
    2. Osmundson Manufacturing Co. – Dallas County

      Jennifer Steffensmeier
      Roll Call
    3. Parker-Hannifin Corporation – Red Oak

      Doug Boone
      Roll Call
  5. Butchery Innovation and Revitalization Program

    Alaina Santizo
    1. Approval of Awards

  6. Entrepreneurial Investment Awards Program

    Anna Lensing
    1. Request for Approval of Grant Applications

  7. Technology Commercialization Committee Recommendation

    Anna Lensing
    1. Zymosense – Demonstration Fund Award

  8. Redevelopment Tax Credit Program for Brownfields and Grayfields

    Matt Rasmussen
    1. 20-BTC-04 – Request to Amend Contract

    1. 21-BTC-02 – Request to Amend Contract

    1. 21-BTC-09 – Request to Amend Contract

  9. Vendor Approval(s)

    Terry Roberson
  10. FY24 Tax Credit Limit Allocation

    Terry Roberson
  11. Budget and Finance Report

    Terry Roberson
  12. Tourism Update

    Amy Ziegler
  13. Director’s Office

    1. Legislative Update

      Deanna Triplett
    2. Director’s Report

      Debi Durham
  14. Other Business

    1. Next Board Meeting is July 21, 2023

  15. Adjournment

Please Note:
The meeting will convene no earlier than stated above, but may begin later, depending upon length of earlier meetings. Some members of the board may participate via Teams due to travel issues. Agenda items may be considered out of order at the discretion of the Chair. If you require accommodation to participate in this public meeting, call (515) 348-6146 to make your request. Please notify us as long as possible in advance of meeting.

*This meeting will be accessible to members of the public in person at IEDA or click on the link above to request the link to participate in the meeting via Teams. You will be directed to register to receive the link.