2019 CDBG-DR Flood Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Recovering From Disaster Through Thoughtful Design

These programs are designed to assist Iowans and their communities with disaster recovery from the 2019 Iowa Floods. These programs are supported by U. S. Housing and Urban Development federal dollars through a Disaster Recovery Grant to the State of Iowa.  The State has established four primary funding programs with these funds, designed to meet remaining unmet needs in a thoughtful and resilient manner:

Performance Reports

At this time, only counties designated as Most Impacted and Distressed by HUD qualify for these programs. As recovery progresses, programs may be expanded to other areas, but for now only units of local government located in the following counties are eligible to apply:

  • Fremont County
  • Harrison County
  • Mills County

All applications are located in iowagrants.gov. Only local Councils of Government (COG) or IEDA determined qualified consultants can apply through iowagrants.gov on behalf of the unit of local government applicant. Please coordinate with your local COG or procured consultant to apply.

2019 CDBG-DR Application Workshop

CDBG-DR Application Workshop
CDBG-DR Building Science Workshop with Sam Rashkin
CDBG-DR Building Science Workshop - Green Streets

An application workshop for the 2019 CDBG Disaster Recovery program was held on December 9, 2020. Access the slides for the workshop and the workshop recording here.

For more information, contact:

Ann Schmid