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Identifying Opportunities for Downtown Revitalization

Downtown Assessments

What are your downtown's strengths? Weaknesses? What can you do make it more attractive to customers? The Iowa Downtown Resource Center (IDRC) offers a variety of services to help communities identify these strengths, weaknesses and solutions.

Downtown Assessment Visit ($2,500)
IDRC staff and downtown professional consultants will perform an intense, on-site study of your downtown, including a public presentation and 20+ page written report that can be used in your planning efforts. A two or three person team will tour the community and downtown, visit local businesses, interview stakeholders. The team will provide an honest assessment of the downtown with short and long range recommendations that are very specific to your downtown's challenges. Participating communities receive two free registrations to the next Iowa Downtown Conference.

Downtown Walk Around ($300)
This quick visit offers communities an honest first impression of your downtown. IDRC staff members and professional consultants will spend a morning or afternoon in your downtown. We will take a short walking tour of your district with community leaders and also walk the district on our own with stops in businesses. We will identify strengths, but we'll also call out issues that need attention. The tour will be followed by a brief meeting with community leaders and a two-page summary of the visit. "Downtown Walk Arounds” are designed for communities under 10,000 population. Participating communities will receive two free registrations to the next Iowa Downtown Conference.

Downtown Exchange
This is an excellent opportunity to find out how others see you. We will match you with another community similar to yours. Volunteers from each will make impromptu visits to your downtown and assess features such as cleanliness, entrances, signage, business mix, etc. Visits will be followed with a report of honest "first impressions" from and to each participating community.

Any community in Iowa can sign up to take part in any of the Downtown Assessment services.
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