Funding Opportunities

Downtown Resource Center

Finding Sources for Project Funding

Below are a series of funding sources to investigate. Keep in mind not all funding sources will be applicable for all projects and/or communities.

Community Catalyst Building Remediation Program

Assists communities with the redevelopment, rehabilitation or deconstruction of buildings to stimulate economic growth or reinvestment in the community.

Downtown Housing Grant

The newly created Downtown Housing Grant provides $20 million in financial assistance for projects supporting local downtown revitalization through new and renovated housing opportunities in communities under 30,000.

Downtown Loan Guarantee Program

This new program encourages Iowa downtown businesses and financial institutions to reinvest and reopen stronger following the COVID-19 crisis. Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA), in partnership with the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA), will provide financial assistance in the form of loan guarantees for eligible downtown revitalization projects.

Downtown Revitalization Fund Community Development Block Grant

The Downtown Revitalization Fund Community Development Block Grant provides grants to communities for downtown façade improvements.

Derelict Building Program

The DNR Derelict Building Program offers Iowa communities of 5,000 or fewer residents' financial assistance to address/rehabilitate neglected structures that have sat vacant for at least six months.

Historic Preservation and Cultural and Entertainment District Tax Credit Program

The Historic Preservation and Cultural and Entertainment District Tax Credit Program provides a state income tax credit for the sensitive, substantial rehabilitation of historic buildings.

Nuisance Property and Abandoned Building Remediation Loan Program

Loans secured through this program may be used for the demolition or remediation and reuse of residential, commercial or industrial structures.

State Historic Preservation Office Grants

The Iowa State Historic Preservation Office provides a number of financial incentive opportunities to support building rehabilitation efforts.

Workforce Housing Tax Credits

Developers building, rehabilitating or developing housing in downtown upper floor spaces in Iowa in order to meet workforce housing needs may be eligible to receive certain state tax incentives.

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