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Innovation Funding

Funding & Tax Credits for Innovation

Are you an innovator looking for some help? You’re in the right place. These innovation programs are especially helpful for technology, advanced manufacturing and bioscience companies. Whether you’re looking to promote the growth of a business, accelerate the pace of your production, or conduct research, you can find more information and resources about funding and tax credits below. 

Proof of Commercial Relevance

Funding to demonstrate a proof of concept for an innovative technology.

Demonstration Fund

Funding for companies with market-ready innovative technologies or products.

Innovation Acceleration Fund

Funding to accelerate the pace of market development or expand product lines.

Research Activities Tax Credit

Tax credits for research activities.

Renewable Chemical Production Tax Credit

Tax credits for production of high-value chemicals derived from biomass feedstocks.

Innovation Fund Tax Credit

Tax credits for investors in qualified Innovation Funds.

Angel Investor Tax Credit

Encouraging venture capital investment in Iowa startups.

America's Seed Fund: Iowa Program

Helping small businesses apply for federal funds for innovation.

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