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As of March 2022, IEDA requires communities receiving CDBG funding to work with a certified grant administrator to manage the CDBG award.  Please refer to the list below for a list of certified CDBG grant administrators in Iowa.

2022 CDBG Program

CDBG-CV Program Application Workshop

2021 Section 3 training - New rule

2021 CDBG Application Workshop

Annual CDBG Regulations Trainings

2020 CDBG Recipient Workshop- October 6, 2020

2020 Public Hearing Training

  • Community Development & Housing Needs Assessment training - September 29, 2020 [PDF: 669k]

2019 CDBG Recipient Workshop

2019 CDBG Application Workshop 

  • CDBG Application Workshop Presentation [PDF: 2.9MB]
  • Downtown Revitalization breakout session presentation [PDF: 5.6MB]
  • Housing Rehabilitation breakout session presentation [PDF: 596k]

2018 Procurement and Acquisition 

2017 Fair Housing 

2016 Radon 

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Nichole Hansen